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Upgrade to a Gold account to enjoy your brand new iPhone

Open a Gold account or upgrade your existing account to Gold to receive a brand new iPhone, in addition to various exclusive value-added benefits from Axia. Match the requirements to gain access to our advanced and professional platform on your new iPhone, granting you the unparalleled freedom to trade anytime, from anywhere!

A minimum account size of $10,000

Gold, Platinum or Diamond accounts only

Generate trading volume of $50 million or more

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Take a Peek at Our Exclusive Cashback Offer

Open a Gold account or higher to earn cash back when you trade

Axia offers valued investors who have a Gold, Platinum, or Diamond account the opportunity to earn cash back for every trade. This special offer is valid for selected assets on a biweekly basis. At the end of each cycle, your trading account will be credited with cash, with higher trading volumes translating to more cash earnings.

A minimum account size of $10,000 or more

Gold, Platinum or Diamond accounts only

Receive cashback on applicable trades every 2-week cycle

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Experience 0% Overnight Fees for 7 days

Take charge of your trading costs with this exclusive offer

Register now and enjoy a whole week without overnight fees! Investing is one of the best ways to grow your capital over the long-term. With our exclusive offers, we make it simple for beginners and experienced investors to thrive. Take charge of your investments with 0 overnight fees on all online trades for 7 days.

Open a new trading account

Deposit initial trading funds

After your first position is opened, the offer is valid for 7 days

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