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Commodities Trading with Axia

With Axia you can trade CFD commodities including Crude Oil, precious metals such as gold and silver, agricultural assets such as wheat and soybean and more

The Benefits of Commodities

Diversifying your Portfolio

With commodities, you can make your overall strategy more effective by diversifying your portfolio and managing risk. The more asset classes you include into your trading strategy as a whole, the more hedging and risk management strategies can be employed. Commodities are classic assets to combine into any trading portfolio.

Correlation-Based Strategies

There are clear statistical correlations between commodities and other assets, and strategies based on these correlations help to boost profits and cushion risk. For example, the relationship between CAD and oil. Being a major oil producer, Canada’s currency tends to rise when oil prices do.

Higher Growth Opportunities

Commodities tend to be more volatile than other asset classes, with large swings and movements alongside geopolitical events. This creates significant opportunities for traders to capitalize on larger moves, yet it should be noted that larger swings also represent an elevated level of risk.


Trade Gold

Gold Spot US Dollar




Silver Spot US Dollar


Crude Oil Futures

Trade Crude Oil Futures

Light Sweet Crude Oil Futures (CME Group)


Brent Oil Futures

Trade Brent Oil Futures

Brent Crude Oil (ICE)




Henry Hub Natural Gas Futures


Explore the Commodities Available for Trading

Large spectrum of commodities to trade

Low spreads and zero commission

Advanced charting tools & indicators


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