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Please take sufficient time to read this Client Agreement as well as any other additional documentation and information available to you via our Website prior to opening an account and/or carrying out any activity with us. You should contact us for any further clarification, or seek independent professional advice, if necessary.

Smarttool Trading SC Limited does not issue advice, recommendations or opinions in relation to acquiring, holding or disposing of any financial product. Smarttool Trading SC Limited is not a financial, legal, tax or regulatory adviser.

Risk Warning: Contracts for difference (‘CFDs’) is a complex financial product, with speculative character, the trading of which involves significant risks of loss of capital. Trading CFDs, which is a marginal product, may result in the loss of your entire balance. Remember that leverage in CFDs can magnify your profits as well as your losses. You should not deposit more than you are prepared to lose. You should ensure you fully understand the risks involved before entering into an agreement



The Agreement is entered by and between Smarttool Trading SC Limited (hereinafter called the “Company”, or “we” or “us”) on the one part and the Client (which may be a legal entity or a natural person) who has completed the Account Opening Application Form and has been accepted by the Company as a Client (“Client” or “you” or “your”) on the other part.

The Company is regulated and authorised by the Financial Services Authority of Seychelles. The Company is registered in Seychelles, with registration number 8424753-1. The Company’s registered address is at Suite 4F, Global Village, Jivan’s Complex, Mont Fleuri, Mahe, Seychelles.

This Client Agreement together with its Appendix 1 and “the Risk Disclosure and Warnings Notice”, applicable “Bonus Terms and Conditions” and “General Fees” found on the Website.


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